Sending Proof of Payment Online

If you are making (or already made) the payment Off-Site (e.g. Bank Transfer, Cash Deposit, etc), you must send the photo/screenshot of the receipt to your Examanix as a proof of payment. This proof allows the Exam Officer to trace you to the transaction and proceed with your exam registration.

Please make sure the amount paid, date, time, and bank's logo/name are visible and legible.

Below are steps to upload your Proof of Payment:

  1. Prepare your receipt by either taking a photo or screenshot of it

  2. Access your Invoice page either via the link in your Invoice email or Registration Detail page in Examanix

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page or click on the to the Make Payment box.

  4. Fill in all the required fields and upload your receipt

  5. Finally, click on button and in the popup to confirm your submission

  6. Your Proof of Payment is now sent for verification. You will receive the Receipt if the proof is valid or an email if it is rejected

Did you receive a rejection email? Please read more here: Proof of Payment got Rejected

Have more questions?

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