Account is Inactive

If you encountered an 'Inactive Account' page after attempting to sign-in, there are 2 possibilies:

  1. You have not activate your account via the Activation email, or

  2. Your account has been deactivated for security reasons.

Activating your Account

  1. Search the email account you use for the word "Examanix" to find the Activation email we've sent you, named 'Registration Success!'

  2. Click on

  3. Proceed to sign-in

If you are unable to sign-in, please refer to: Cannot sign-in with correct details

If you cannot activate your account, please refer to: Cannot Activate Account

If you do not receive your Account Activation email, please refer to: Didn't receive any Email

Account Deactivated by Centre

At times, due to security reasons, your account might get deactivated. If you believe this is an error, please provide this information to help us resolve this issue:

  1. Your Full Name (as per IC/Passport)

  2. Identification Number

  3. Your Email

  4. Your Contact Number

Have more questions?

Please contact the centre exam at: