Result Recheck Information and Fees

Cambridge Assessment International Examinations carry out extensive quality checks before issuing results. However, they do offer a range of enquiry about results services if candidates would like to check their results.

Candidate can only submit enquiries about results at the component level, and all components must be submitted at the same time. Cambridge Assessment International Examinations cannot accept additional component enquiries at a later date.

The following services are available:

Service Number Description
1 Clerical re-check
A re-check of all procedures leading to the issue of a result. This service checks that:
  • all parts of the scripts were marked

  • the marks were totalled correctly

  • the marks were recorded correctly

1S Clerical re-check with copy of script
The same as a 'clerical re-check' but you also get a copy of the script.
2 Review of marking
A review of the original marking to check that the agreed marking scheme was applied correctly. The service is available for externally accessed components (excluding multiple-choice question papers).
This service also includes the re-checks detailed in the 'clerical re-check' service.
2S Review of marking with copy of script
The same as a 'review of marking' but you also get a copy of the script.

There is an administrative fee for enquiries and appeals, as well as a deadline for submitting the enquiries. Please visit the exam centre to request the enquiry or consult if a re-check is recommended.

Where an enquiry leads to a change in syllabus grade, Cambridge Assessment International Examinations will not charge the fee and the exam centre will make a full refund.

If you are interested, you may learn how Cambridge Assessment International Examinations marks and grades your work: Marking and Grading

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