When are they available?

Online Checking / Provisional Results

The typical month in which your results will be available for Online Checking is August for May/June Series and January of the following year for October/November Series.

The exam centre/school might provide you with your username and password to view your results on Cambridge Assessment International Education's secure website. Alternatively, you may visit the exam centre/school to collect your Provisional Results when it's ready.

Please note that Online Checking is only accessible for a few days after the login details are sent out.

Statement of Results

Approximately 3 weeks after the Online Checking/Provisional Results, the exam centre will receive your Statement of Results and it'll be ready for collection.


The Certificate will be available for collection approximately 1 - 2 months after the Statement of Results is out.

Collecting the Documents

The candidates and/or their guardians (who collect on their behalf) have to provide the following items to the exam centre in order to collect any/all of the documents.

  • Candidate Themselves

    1. Identity Card / Passport

  • Guardians (on behalf of their child/charge)

    1. Photocopy of Candidate's Identity Card / Passport

    2. Authorization Letter*

* The Authorization Letter will be attached in the email(s) when the documents are ready for collection.

Have more questions?

Please contact the centre exam at: exam.department@sriemas.edu.my