Register as a Student

By registering as a Student, you shall be able to sit for a Cambridge Assessment International Education Examination in the Exam Centre.

Registering a Student Account does NOT automatically registered you to an Exam Intake. You are required to apply an Exam Registration for an Active Intake in order to sit for an examination as a candidate. You may find more information here: Exam Registration - Tips & Tutorials

  1. Visit the Home Page then click on 'Register'. Alternatively, you can directly access it here

  2. Input correct information into all fields (Note: Email is unchangeable after registration. Please check for typos before submitting.)

  3. Click on

  4. Check your email for the Activation email named 'Registration Success!', and click on

  5. Once Account Activation is successful, you can now Sign-In

If you do not receive your Account Activation email, please refer to: Didn't receive any Email

Attached below is a Student Guide PDF, covering from creating an account to making exam payments.


Have more questions?

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