Add/Drop Subject after Registration got Accepted

After your registration has been accepted, you can only change the previously chosen subjects by Add / Drop them. Using this feature may or may not incur additional fees depending on the scenarios and rules of the exam centre.

How to Add/Drop Subject(s)

  1. Access to your Registration via Home or Registrations page

  2. Click on at the top right of the screen

  3. Click in the popup to proceed

  4. To Add Subject: In the popup after clicking , search for the subject you need and choose them by ticking the checkbox. The newly added subject will be labelled with Added in the list

  5. To Drop Subject: In the list, click on the to drop the specific subject. The dropped subject will be greyed out and labelled with Dropped. Click on the to re-add the subject

  6. After adding/dropping the necessary subject(s), click on

  7. Review the subject(s) that you have decided to add/drop, and confirm them by clicking

  8. Your Add/Drop has been sent for verification. The new invoice and/or credit note (if either or both applicable) will be emailed to you after verified by the exam centre.

If you have questions or problem with the add/drop feature, please contact and provide the exam centre with the following information:

  1. Your Name

  2. Candidate Number

  3. Registration Number

Have more questions?

Please contact the centre exam at: