Require Special Considerations?

If you require special considerations for some adverse circumstances, for example, illness or temporary injury, please provide a medical report written in English no more than 6 months older from your registration date to support the claim.

You should make sure that the doctor's report specifies the specific needs for the examination, for example, extra time or headphones for the listening test.

After providing your personal information, mandatory documents, and agree to the Terms and Conditions, click on the button. A popup will ask if you require special considerations. Here, you can either choose 'requires' and upload the medical report, or choose 'does not' and continue on.

Please upload the medical report before the provided deadline.

Don't have the document on hand? No worries! You can leave the registration process to get them. Your progress will be automatically saved and continue from that point.

Have more questions?

Please contact the centre exam at: