What are Exemptions?

IMPORTANT: Component Exemptions are no longer available for the June 2023 series.

Due to disruption of studies caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, students may not have had sufficient time to prepare for certain components. Because of this, Cambridge has allowed students the option to be exempted from certain components and still receive a full syllabus grade.

For the exempted component, Cambridge will calculate an assessed mark for the component the candidate did not sit for, so that the candidate can be awarded an overall syllabus grade.

To find out how assessed marks are calculated, you may refer to this link: Calculating Assessed Marks

We highly encourage candidates and parents to read through how the assessed marks are calculated to fully understand this process, so as to make a well informed decision on whether to take the exemption. Please note that this is the same process that is used for assessed grades calculated for any absenteeism with an acceptable reason.

Should a candidate decide to take an exemption, this will not be reflected on the candidate's official certificate/statement of results

If have any questions or require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the Exam Centre.

Have more questions?

Please contact the centre exam at: exam.department@sriemas.edu.my