Upload Mandatory Documents

At times, Exam Centre may request document(s) that aids in the exam registration. You shall find the list of requested documents below 'Documents Requested'.

Mandatory documents are labelled with Mandatory beside their names. These documents must be provided in order to continue the registration.

Click on the button under 'Actions' to upload the file. The name of the chosen file will be previewed in the field afterwards.

After uploading the files, please click on the 'Submit Documents' button to submit the files.

You may also reuse documents you have provided in a previous registration via the button. Please note this feature only work if you have a previously approved registration. The button will not appear for your first registration.

You may view and remove the uploaded documents after submission via the button and respectively.

Don't have the documents on hand? No worries! You can leave the registration process anytime to get them. Your progress will be automatically saved and continue from that point.

Have more questions?

Please contact the centre exam at: exam.department@sriemas.edu.my